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I used to work part-time, temporary jobs...

Now I work full time and can support my family.

James made it happen through FSC's Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program and you can too. Find a program that works for you.


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TaCiana Turns Hope into Action

“Someday, I will be a manager,” says TaCiana. A few months ago, she couldn’t imagine saying those words. She was just hoping life might be better for her family, when she learned about FSC. Today, she isn’t hoping – she’s making it happen.

One of the first things her Wisconsin Works case manager did was ensure TaCiana had all of the resources she needed to succeed. A few questions later, she was co-enrolled in FSET. “Her W-2 case manager and I teamed up and provided supportive services,” explains FSET Employment Specialist Kari. “Also, a team effort to encourage her to keep going.” They talked about her interests and helped her join a skills training program in food service to get started.

Soon, she was coming back to Kari to talk about how much she was learning and the changes she wanted in her life. She enthusiastically discussed her ambitions and even changed her appearance to match her newfound optimism and professionalism. With a better sense of TaCiana’s goals, Kari arranged for TaCiana to start volunteering. At Manna for Life, “she started showing natural abilities as a leader and put into practice everything she was learning,” says Kari. By the end of her skills training course, TaCiana felt confident going into her on-site interview and secured a full-time job in the food industry!

When she talks about her future now, TaCiana says “I am worth it!” She knows that her future is not just bright for her family – it’s bright for her too! Congratulations, TaCiana!

Karen Graduates with Honors

Once her children reached school-age, Karen was ready to go back to school herself. “My husband had a good job,” she says, “but we didn’t have much wiggle room in our finances.” Family time was important to her, so a customer service job working odd hours didn’t make sense. She also didn’t want to take years away from her family to earn a graduate degree. Then she learned how WIOA could fund her education, and she knew it was her chance to get the higher-paying job she was after.

Her Career Services Specialist “Jamie was great to work with and was always there encouraging me along the way,” says Karen. “I looked forward to our meetings, her job searching suggestions, and how easy she made it to enroll.”

In addition to WIOA’s funding, Jamie helped Karen enroll in and work through her online courses, which had the flexibility to work around her family life. The rigorous billing and coding courses “were hard to learn and I would get frustrated,” Karen says. She made it by concentrating on her goal to make a better life for her family.

After almost nine months, she graduated with honors! “I passed with a 96%. Super surprised with the score, but such a relief to see the hard work and sacrifices pay off,” she smiles. Since then, Karen passed her CPC exam, currently the gold-standard in medical coding, and found a job in the field that works with her family’s schedule.

“I highly recommend this program to anyone who feels they need a boost to get out of a challenging job or financial situation and have a higher quality of life,” she beams. Congratulations, Karen!


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